Nonprofit Consulting


As a nonprofit leader, you work incredibly hard, and yet it’s not quite enough. You face endless constraints while fighting for resources to save and heal the lives of the people you serve. You wear multiple hats, but you cannot simply wear all the hats. I strive to offer a fresh perspective on fundraising, administration, communications, public relations, and marketing.

Nonprofits are historically chronically understaffed, and this is not going to change anytime soon. I am here to lend a hand and to pitch in. I provide expertise, guidance, and support in critical areas of your operation so you can focus on being an all-star community leader.

I was 24-years-old when I landed my first nonprofit job. I started as a parttime administrative assistant to the executive director of a local community college foundation. She was an amazing leader and gave me every opportunity to grow into my full potential. I have served as a program manager, project coordinator, development director, executive director, and board member.

Now, 20 plus years later, I consult with nonprofits of varying sizes, ages, and stages of development. I help nonprofits tackle tough obstacles to build more sustainable organizations, working alongside administrators to identify new opportunities, establish or build upon protocols to strengthen operations; support process and outcome evaluation;  identify and secure new avenues of funding and partnership; and much more.